Even though regular business hours are not being kept at the Parish Center, electronic giving forms will be processed in a timely manner.  Your financial support via electronic giving is needed now more than ever.

There is something we ask you to consider that would help significantly improve our parish finances. It relates not to how much you contribute, but rather the way in which you contribute.

During the summer vacation months, holiday weekends, and also during bad weather, our parish sees a dramatic drop in our Sunday collections.  Despite best intentions, those funds are never fully recovered.  This hurts our ability to provide for the needs of our parish.

To help make it more convenient for you to financially support the parish, we offer an electronic giving option.  This program offers you the opportunity to make automated financial contributions from your checking or savings account to Church of the Annunciation.  Electronic giving costs you nothing and provides benefits to us.

  • Stabilizes parish income with your scheduled contributions
  • Saves hours of administrative time spent processing donations

Electronic giving also benefits you.

  • Makes giving more convenient – contribute directly from your checking or savings account
  • Saves you money – no checks to write means no checks to pay for

While electronic giving provides you with flexibility and convenience, it will also ensure that we are making the best use of God’s gifts in our parish.  Increased predictability and reliability of your financial support will allow us to serve the needs of our parish more efficiently and more effectively.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete an Electronic Giving Payment Authorization Form. Please mail your completed form and voided check to the attention of Donna Muscarella at the Parish Center.

Thank you for your continued support of Annunciation parish.


Electronic Giving – Frequently Asked Questions

What is electronic giving?

Electronic giving allows you to continue your Sunday-collection donations to your parish without having to write a check each week. A pre-authorized amount of money is deducted from your checking or savings account and deposited into the church’s bank account according to a schedule you define. In addition to simplifying giving for you, it simplifies collecting for us. There are no envelopes for us to count and open, no checks for us to endorse, and no need for us to post manually your donation to your contribution record. The automated process takes care of it all!


Who can participate in electronic giving?

Any member of our parish can participate as long as you have a checking or savings account.


Is there a minimum amount I have to give in order to do so electronically?

No. We are grateful for every donation.


How do I enroll?

Simply complete and return an Electronic Giving Payment Authorization Form. For security reasons, please do not submit completed forms via e-mail or fax.


How often will withdrawals be made from my account?

We offer four options for the frequency of your donations: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.


On what day of the month will the withdrawals be made?

You may choose to have withdrawals made on the first or the fifteenth of a month. If the selected date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the withdrawal will be made on the first business day following.

Quarterly donations are collected in January, April, July, and October. Semi-annual donations are collected in January and July. Annual donations are collected in January.


When will withdrawals from my account begin?

All new enrollments are processed as soon as possible, but we ask that you submit your completed form at least two weeks prior to your first donation date. The actual date of your first withdrawal is dependent upon the date on which your completed form is received relative to the authorization effective date, as well as the contribution schedule and collection day chosen on your form.


How quickly does Annunciation receive the funds from electronic giving?

Funds are deposited into Annunciation’s bank account on the same day that they are withdrawn from your account.


Will Annunciation still be able to provide me with a statement of my donations if I participate in electronic giving?

Absolutely! In fact, electronic giving makes record keeping much easier for the parish staff. When a donation is received electronically, an electronic record of the donation amount and date is received also. This electronic record posts to your contribution history.


How long does my enrollment in electronic giving last? Do I need to re-enroll each year?

Enrollment is good until cancelled and you do not need to re-register each year.


How do I change my electronic giving information, such as my bank account or contribution schedule?

The Electronic Giving Payment Authorization Form is used to inform us of such changes. Simply submit an updated form and we will take care of the rest. Changes must be received at least two weeks prior to your next collection date. For security reasons, it is not advisable to submit completed forms via e-mail or fax.


I currently receive collection envelopes in the mail. Will you continue sending envelopes to me if I enroll in electronic giving?

The choice is yours, and should be indicated on your Authorization Form. Once you enroll in electronic giving, your Sunday collection donations will be received and recorded electronically, thus eliminating the need for you remember to bring your envelope to church and drop it in the basket for our regular collection each week. Your discontinuing receipt of envelopes also saves the parish money, as there is a cost associated with the envelope packets you receive. However, some feel uncomfortable about not physically dropping something into the Sunday collection basket. Therefore, we have added an electronic giver checkbox to our Sunday offertory envelopes. If you wish to drop an envelope in the Sunday collection basket, simply place a checkmark in the electronic giver box and drop the empty envelope in the basket. Please do not put anything in the envelope or fill in a donation amount on the envelope.


What about collections for holy days and other special collections?

We would appreciate your continued donations by check for holy days and special collections. Notice of special collections and upcoming holy days are posted in the bulletin. In order to contribute to any of these collections, simply enclose a check in a plain white envelope, marked with the name of the collection and your envelope number. For those who choose to continue to receive offertory envelopes, you can use the envelopes included in your bi-monthly packet. Drop the envelope in the collection basket at the appropriate time and your donation will be recorded in your giving history.


What happens if I close my account and forget to inform Annunciation of the change?

The result is the same as if you wrote a check on a closed account. Annunciation will be charged a fee by the bank. We will contact you and request that you update your account information and reimburse us the fee.


What happens if I erroneously supply an incorrect account number when signing up?

We are asking you to provide a voided check (for checking accounts) or blank deposit slip (for savings accounts) so that we can confirm the accuracy of the account information on your authorization form. This reduces the possibility of error.


How do I discontinue participation in electronic giving?

A request to discontinue automatic withdrawals must be made by submitting an updated Electronic Giving Payment Authorization Form. Your completed form must be received at least two weeks prior to your next collection date.


Is my banking information safe?

The banking information you provide on your authorization form is the same information available on your personal checks or deposit slips. We do not request social security numbers, account passwords, PINs, or other sensitive information.

Authorization forms will be seen only by the Church of the Annunciation staff member responsible for processing your enrollment. Once your form is processed, it will be stored in a secure, locked location.

For security reasons, it is not advisable to submit completed forms via e-mail or fax.


Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

You may contact Donna Muscarella at the Parish Center.