Dear Parishioners,

Saint Gregory the Great once wrote, “the Lord follows after the preachers, because preaching goes ahead to prepare the way, and then when the words of exhortation have gone ahead to establish truth in our minds, the Lord comes to live within us.”  Our journey through Advent invites us to share in that proclamation, preparing us for the celebration of the Lord’s birth again this year, and deepening the understanding of his coming in our daily lives, while renewing the eternal hope in his return at the end of time.  I trust this season has been one of blessing and grace, as the Lord’s Nativity draws near.

Come and share the upcoming Christmas celebration with your parish family, gathering with brothers and sisters in faith!  You will find the schedule here.  We look forward to our worship with one another, and sustaining the message that Jesus Christ is born in Bethlehem.  If your plans will take you to other places to visit with family and friends, please know of my prayers for a most joyful celebration.  I join with our parish priests, deacon, and entire staff in extending to you best wishes for a very Merry Christmas.  May our prayers be united for much peace, goodness, and health to be among the blessings received by all throughout the world in the coming New Year!  I extend my gratitude for all the ways that you so generously give of yourselves in our community of faith.

Yours in the joy of the Lord’s birth,
Father James V. Teti